22 county rd 183c Mongaup Valley, NY 12762

Find out how we operate at our farm

Welcome to Heritage Kosher. Our partner farms are located in Ferndale, New York, on 200 lush acres in the Catskill Mountains, a lovely two-hour drive from New York City. Our team is focused on bring you the first kosher foie gras held to the most exacting kashrut standards.
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Our Ducks

We raise and process our Pekin ducks on the farm.  Each duck is individually
evaluated by a US Department of Agriculture Inspector under strict guidelines for
wholesomeness.  Please look for their seal of approval on all of our offerings.

Foie Gras

Foie gras (fwä-grä) is the fattened liver of a waterfowl. To produce foie gras, we
replicate the natural gorging process of migratory waterfowl. By utilizing a special hand-
feeding process to optimize what nature gives us, we are able to produce high quality
ducks. The result: a luxurious foie gras that is at once velvety and umami, and
exceptional duck meat.
Phone: 845-583-4090
22 county rd 183c
Mongaup Valley, NY 12762